The path to our destiny is never what we intended. It can twist, turn, flip around, and simply drop off. What some believe to be their destiny is often untrue, the hurt, suffering, blood, sweat, and tears put into achieving this destiny was only an alternate route to a new life, the second life we never intended, and in some cases, the life we never wanted.

The days you took your first steps, you knew you would be divine. You met the God or Goddess others could only imagine and you called them mom or dad. You had birthrights that took you through life. Teenage years, you were in your absolute prime and at the top of your game. You couldn’t wait to get out of high school, you knew the greatness you were destined for, the divinity, the fights, and the legend you may yet become.

Your time came within a year after graduation, though. It was beautiful, decadent, and more than you could have imagined, you gave it your all and you fell short. Your time passed, and you fell through the cracks. You failed.

What about the life you were promised? The life you dreamed of? What about being not good enough but better than all who surround you? There are those out there who know your divine blood, and to add insult to injury, they have taken one of your most beloved birthrights. Now you are in the now, adults, living a mundane life, a life stuck between the world of mortals who can’t fathom what lies in front of their very eyes, and being a prime target for the evils of what is out there.

One day, though, you receive a letter, something the stirs something you’ve felt before. Hope. Try as you may to shove down the feeling that once stole the life you wanted away from you, you couldn’t shake it. It was yours to take, sitting just out there for your hand to reach. What was another no anyways?

Here is your chance blood of the gods, ascend farther, rise faster, and this time, you know what you stand to lose. Are you willing to double down on a game of second chances?

The Road to Redemption